One of the "themes" that have interested me and that from time to time reappears like a loop is the concern for the line, for the casual gesture or gestural line. It occurs to me to give an example: You are studying the design of your own signature until, finally, in one of those gestures, you manage to discover something that seems perfect to you. Then he memorizes it, makes it conscious, and later turns it back into almost an involuntary gesture. Some of this has those scribbles that one makes while talking on the phone or some of those children's drawings. It is the perfection found in a simple pencil stroke or on a small branch that I found in bronze, or the perfection found in an apparent tangle of threads. 

I have also always been interested in all materials, investigating their manipulation possibilities and knowing their plastic characteristics, how they behave with light, for example. I like my neon or argon tubes both when they are on and off.

Another thing I would like to say is that if there is a common thread in my work, that is spirituality and desire. What pushes me to keep working is to feel again the feeling of having hit the mark, being the means to create something that is beyond my capacity. The works that I keep are those that I feel have been touched by God.